Calculate dates in date picker and clock

Make a screen with date calculation

01/20/2022 - 10 days
Goes to 01/10/2022 correct date

if it falls on a Saturday -1 days, it falls on Friday
if it falls on a Sunday -2 days, it falls on Friday
if it falls on a holiday -1 days, it falls on the day before the holiday

you need to use some database to use this

I hope already you have provided the solution,




Just use it blindly

(catch the converted result date into name of the day, and use this rule…)

that’s why I’m using the date picker to start the start date and thus perform the function
I almost got it but I accidentally deleted the blocks

I already tried and it didn’t work

What happens if the holiday is on a Monday, will it then need to loop to move the day to a Friday?

your task looks like some homework…
so what have you tried after having received some tips?

please provide a screenshot of your relevant blocks…


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July 2021

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I don’t know how your application works. But, the table with holidays can be adjusted (editable) by a privileged user. Create holidays with the state of the federation (SP, RJ, MG etc), cities… …