Call button not working it's shows running time error

Could you elaborate mode , show the full blocks , the error message etc

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But I want to pick a number from my database

Try like this then :point_down:


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I tried but not working

The above method works successfully.

May be you want direct call

So Try this extension :point_down:

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But in my situation it’s not working… Shows that error

Did you tried the extension given in the post ?



No I want to call to number from my data base

invoke: no method named `MakePhoneCallDirect’ in class
Note: You will not see another error reported for 5 seconds.

seen this error

It’s work but first time shows that error…
Then re open the app
That call button is working…
Why shows error in first time ?

The only way I can reproduce any of your error messages is by using both built in PhoneCall component and the extension provided…

  • Use only the extension
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How can I use the extension