Call list index added in tag

I have this tag and want to call the index for a list, which has been added (updated) to an existing tag.
It turns out that the final tag position is 11. But I want to appear in my list only the last index that is position 13. But when I put index 13, it says it doesn’t exist. And when I put index 12, it pulls index 12 and 13.
How to pull only the last index from the list that was added?

Use length of list block

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I am already using this block. But when I search the list it takes all the values ​​that are in the [ ].
As the image below it looks for the date and the text in front. I would like to fetch only the text.

arrange that all data in a list first, then you can use it
like set an list to get value then use set text from that list with index

Then use select list item in select list item block for list of list.


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