Call Show Choose Dialog” after “When Other Screen Closed” not work Finding fixed solution

When i going to screen 1 after closing screen 2 notifier choose dialog not working.

i already searched this topic but i cant have any solution so i create new topic so please dont close this topic

that question is asked before, how you didnt find that, btw,

this is happening because you are not switching screen incorrectly

HI @Jigarunagar
Read this and give more details.

can you show me block how to switching screen correctly on part of my case

i have only 2 screen screen 1 and screen 2

on screen 1, (for example you set on any button)

blocks - 2019-12-27T174929.795

on screen 2, (on any button or back press)

blocks - 2019-12-27T174931.223

i set 2000+ block like this now block screen is very very lag

and how i added all block above this block ?

this is a not right solution Why need to open again and again screen 1

this topic is also closed i think not working so

that is the only solution for you, and you have to make a procedure for that,

blocks - 2019-12-27T233144.799

blocks - 2019-12-27T233146.372

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