Call web view back 2 steps

My app use web-viewer.

  1. in web A, user click link in web A and transfer to web B, app wil trasnfer web to C ( for a few reasons i dont want put direct link in web B to web C)
  2. When screen 1 back press, i call web-viewer go back, but when web from web C back to B, it transfer web to C, so i set web B title is back2steps, and i use this blocks

but it dont work.
i have about 100 web url to transfer, how i can call web-viewer go back one step (normal), and back 2 steps from C to A if current title web B is back2step
Thank you very much.

done, i do it by myself. it worked

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share me the website url and i will help you

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the current title is web C’s current title ( not current web B title)
when web-viewer loaded - if current web C tittle is “xyz”, then call web-viewer back -2 steps

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