Caller name during call

Hi every one
How can I get the caller’s name as a text while calling and use it in my application?

You can use the Phone Call component : Phone Call - Kodular Docs to setect that a phone call started using this event :
component_event (16)
It will return you the phone number of the caller, now you can get the name of the caller from his phone number using my extension:
Phone Number Tools
This method exactly:


Thank you @Mohamed_Tamer
That’s a perfect solution

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This method worked for outgoing calls, but not for incoming calls :thinking:

There is another event that you can use for Incoming calls :wink::


How r u @Mohamed_Tamer
Does this event work while it’s ringing before I answer a call?

Unfortunately no :confused: , it would be called when the phone call is answered.

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