Calling Data from Airtable and Backpress

Hi folks,

I am having problem with Backpress. Please check the video… I am calling data from Airtable which takes a bit time to load. When I press Backpress on listview after loading the data there is no problem with the screen. However, if I click on an album and before loading the data in listview , if I click backpress fast, unexpected display happens on screen as shown in the video.
Am I missing something or is it a bug? Please help.

Then don’t load to much data at once also make sure to use ( when Back Press ) event.

Well I am using Backpress event only.
Since my app is a music player, data is bound to be large.

Use the if then condition on the back press chose if the data is loaded then go back else don’t do anything.

Well, is there any such block by which we can check " If data is loaded or not". :roll_eyes:

There isn’t but you can do this use global variable make the value 0 or anything you want then use the variable when the data loads and set it to 1 now check the back press event if variable is 1 then go back else don’t go back.

Hmm , thanks for the reply. I will try.