Calling Data From Website

I am tryinh to call data from a website and i am getting some unwanted spaces how to remove it please help

Split text at spaces and join them again without repeating spaces.
When you join words then check if previous word is space or not.If it is not space then join current word with previous one.

or is there a way to simply remove unwanted words meansi just only need 78.57

You can use an HTML parser.

can you tell me how

I mean use any HTML parser extension.
And get text for fuel-block-details class.

i don’t know how to use it

Still can’t find the extension. Do you have the link?

Sorry…I thought there will be many HTML related extensions so I never released my HTML Utils extension :sweat_smile:

I didn’t understand the answer … I researched html parse extension … I didn’t find it, but I really don’t need it right now. :+1:

I mean I have made an HTML parser extension but never released it due to its size (150 KB) and other issues.

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But what your extension does !

So that I can try and learn from it?? :blush:

Similar to what json parser extensions do.

I got it , may be I’ll try to make it
Thx! :heart

What is the maximum size of a extension allowed

There is no fixed size.

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@vknow360, You should release it as it’ll be really useful for community. :smiley:

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Sure.I shall release it as soon as my current extension gets completed.

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pls share aia?