Camera doesn't work

When I use the camera, it will open the camera, but it will not do anything after taking photos.
I use Mi note3, Android 8.1

Maybe you should show us your blocks?

This is my blocks.
It doesn’t show alert after I taking photo

Try with another notifier such as Show Message Dialog and see if it works.


Yes, I have try it. But not working too

Are you trying to display the image in a Notifier ??

Even other block, it doesn’t work too.

With which other blocks you have tried? Can you show us that blocks?

Because, its never going to work with blocks that are in image you posted above, as Notifier1.Show Alert block is used to show alert message and not any image

I think it should show the path.
Also , it doesn’t work in Mi 4 , Android 6.0.1 too.

Samsung Galaxy A5 (Android 6.0.1) either

I use it for a button’s image , but the image os the button doesn’t change.

Ok so I was wrong here :point_up: I tried same with my device running Android 8 and is working for me(It gives me the image path). I don’t know why its not working for you.

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Wondering if it has anything to do with which language is pre-selected on the phone or blocks language, because nothing works regardless of the phone.

Works here as well.


I don’t know why. But I remember maybe two weeks ago it still can work. Maybe I updated the system (7.1.1 to 8.1). Or the reason of XiaoMi. But even other App Inventor or Thunkable can’t work too.
If someone use Mi phone too, do you have the same problem?

Share the apk here.
Then I can look into it if there is a problem.

camera.apk (4.1 MB)
This is my blocks.
Here is the screen record ( about 40M)

Redmi Note 4X Android 6.0, works on my phone.

Strange …

Have you tried it on Companion or only on built apk ?
Does the app have the “storage access” ?

Try this apk