Camox Antihack project [Free]

Camox antihack project

Description: This project is to make apps that has very less chance of hack [google security] 95% of hackers cannot hack this project


  1. You cannot remove watermark of kartik community
  2. To make your app antihack don’t add any skip or other sign in options
  3. You have to give credits to me on app description
  4. you cannot change the ui of this project to change contact me first

Things to edit

  1. Add your google-services file

  2. Add your terms and conditions website in blocks

  3. Add your customer care email In blocks

  4. Add your screen that when Next button is clicked then which screen is going to open


CamoxAntihack_by_kartikcommunity.aia (152.4 KB)

Server 2: Camox antihack.aia (152.4 KB)

Thank you by kartik community
Hope you liked this project

Support us plz :pray:

What makes your project unhackable? What did you use?

Any proof ?


I don’t simply get what’s the use of this project/aia. Can you explain me if I am wrong.

PS : I opened the project

If you wonder what’s there. There is just Phase animations and Google Authentication. I don’t what the OP is assuming to be unhackable. Especially the rules for a simple UI ( imo ) and the basic functionality that anyone can achieve with some minutes/blocks.

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Google authentication makes it unhackable first thing google authentication apps are less hackable
Second thing I manually contact with website (secret) and send aia file and then they me aia file with 20kb incresed size them used there file encryption or anything else to make it less hackable not unhackable

Google Authentication is a component and anyone can implement authentication easily in their apps.

This sentence is totally misleading and I assume that you don’t know that posts are meant to be useful and not to give false information and you’re not older to be here in this forum probably ( i guess ).

Don’t be so rude
And I talked the truth
Using a website you can do this

Thank you to be so rude

I don’t want to make this too #off-topic.
Just pointed out some things.

First of all, I am not rude. Can you please point out where I was. If you tell me that I was when I am telling that you’re younger. Please take a look at this if I am wrong.

I saw the project and there’s nothing changed. If yes, you can link the website.

And also if anyone use Google authentication they forgot that not to use any other sign in thank you


Ya I am younger but not so younger 16 years

Sorry :disappointed: for my misbehaving


It is very difficult for me to digest that you sent aia to google and they encrypted your aia file.
Can you share screenshot of email with personal details hidden?

I unlist this for now until it is clear how this works. So to protect our users.


List it because not to Google to a website

It would probably be beneficial for everyone if you elaborated on this process.

Also, maybe use a hex editor like HxD to compare the original AIA and the one supposedly modified by Google to show what exactly changed?

Google or website what???

List it @peter now no more messages plz :pray:

What do you mean by hacking?

  1. Apk Hacking
  2. Network Hacking

apk hacking