Can 2 get start value in 1 screen?

If any user change the data. My database record username email (screen login)

While sending time use make a list block and add as much as you need. Then at the receiver end use select list item block

hope you give an example block. :pray:

To send multiple data as Start Value, make a list of values. Refer to the below image :

And, the second image shows how you can use those Start Values on the target screen.
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i mean, is it possible using “Get start value” for update my data, and record who admin login? or how to resolve this?

See, Get start value indicates the value sent from one screen to another screen…

So, what should I do to recall the userlogin? :frowning:

then you have to use Gviz method of calling the data, I mean calling only the registered user detail from gsheet

OMG, i dont know about gviz. i’m beginer :sob:.
Pls help…

Eaasy only

Credit @TimAi2

Easy to you but not to me. #lol
But thanks your attantion. :pray:

can you help me to make an example? Or where to start?

In this reply Can 2 get start value in 1 screen? - #5 by Harjan_Silaban how can we call the specific user data? by email ? BTW this is user gsheet or admin sheet?

show this query data too…

if you want to pull data from gsheet base on specific email adderess use gviz as bellow{your_sheet_ID}/gviz/tq?tqx=out:csv&sheet=Data and email password&tq=SELECT A,B,C where H='[email protected]'

Data admin login, input data and update

Data input consumable

Input data form

So, if admin login create or update, my database get on user login. how to do it? :frowning:

So if admin logged in you want all users details

Yess, correct

But in the abive page i can see same users in multiple times. Then how could you get it or what you want to take it?