Can any extension developer can create cashfree instant payout extension?

I have a game app…where i want to give my user a withdraw system

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So what is the problem you’re fetching? If you’re from India, you can use UPI, PayTm etc and methods are already shared in community.

i want an instant withdraw system in my app…like other app in play store provide instant withdraw/ payout to there user.

What kind of app is it? Gambling or Earning? :sweat_smile:

i create a game app…like other game app in playstore…

i know user dont like to wait 12 hr to make a withdraw
user like instant paytm cash

But you’re offering users real money! Can you please let us know how you and users earns?

I understand your query.

but providing real money is not against play store… just it should not be a gambling…app…

i saw"" helo app / ludo game app etc “” itz famous game…app, play and earn money type of thing…

The question you asked is not yet asked by anyone. Thanks for asking. I’ll post a guide soon if I succeed to get it done using an API or otherway. :relaxed:

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thank you…as i have search in google and youtube…i came to know ’ cashfree ’ is a company that provide api for payout system…
instant payout …and amount will be debit from an virtual acount for secure payout system…

That’s what I’m thinking to use! :sweat_smile: it uses UPI for the transaction.

yes it provide upi system …i mean to say…payout Api key…

Hopefully we’ll get into success. :ok_hand:


Update: I couldn’t get the API :sleepy: because they offer it only to businesses. If you can manage to get the API, I can help in implementation.

i will pm u

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