Can anybody help me with this?

So I am currently working on a app and here I want to add something,I have a text to emoji converter in my app. The thing I want to do is to add a feature from where the user can set the size of conveted text
Right now the default size is too big to handle
The thing is that whenever we put text in the 1st box and emoji in the second box the text gets converted into emojis. Now the text we have got as a result is large in size. I want to give option to the users so that they can make it’s size smaller or larger as per their need. Any suggestions how I can do that?

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You give very little info. Read this please.

I have edited the post please check it out now.

Still no blocks, no telling how the emoji text is made?

I Think it’s not possible by your app. because when user paste it in any social app there all emojis will get reseted size to that social app…
means the other app not have options to change size of emojis.

example: if the user made “Yeah” text with Emojis. when user paste it in another app ex. WhatsApp then all emojis get the size of default WhatsApp Text. means WhatsApp is not Compatible to handle Emojis Size…
Just like that all social app not have options to change size of emojis

Yeh ! It’s Possible To Reduce The Size Of Emogi But It’s So hard Follow The Steps

  1. Make Your Own Emogi With Low Size From A To Z
  2. Search On Google Is Any Sites Provide The Low Size Emogi If Yes You Can Use It