Can Anyone design this better, i know it's not looking good

I would appreciate if you guys can design this particular pop-up screen for me to look better with fonts and styling. UI Design is not my favorite part hence seeking your advice.

It’s colorless, so try to apply your app’s colors. You can use 2 card views, 1 for grouping items and 1 for totals. You can also place images / icons.
I’m honestly not finding your UI ugly. But, it can improve.

apply some appropriate spacing from top of the arrangement and enlarge the title with some different text color and also enlarge the subheadings like address and change the text color, also the cardview which is covering the whole width can be set to cover 90% of the width

Don’t overdo it by putting too many colors on this screen and in your laundry app. Try to use 3 or 4 colors.



In my opinion, that’s perfectly fine. Not excessive, clear and simple

i like it the way it is

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There are tons of inspirations available. You just need to search. Like the one here

Look at first screen(having order number on top) of the displayed two.

This is just for your help, so that you can get ideas to arrange your elements in your own way.

Best of luck for designing :+1:


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Thanks for all the comments. I am more confident now that it is not ugly atleast after seeing your comments. There is still scope of improvement which i will do. :slight_smile:

Good to know you got the answer. Please mark the appropraite post as solution



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