Can anyone help me? It's an error like this Invalid Input

can you show me this block what you wore, i can’t think of.


Try Put Property Name = Radius
And value = 999

what does it means value 999.

Value to Radius or Color or Alpha.


A tip: read about programming, parameters, functions, procedures, properties, variables, types of variables, repetition loop, conditional deviation, logical operators (and, or not), lists, arrays, indexes, counters, accumulators, methods, events, database.

value- I defined it as a textbox for putting the value of the radius. ex. 300 meter
You told me to Try Put Property Name = Radius (Radius that you said how?)
What do I have to put? confused


Please , Read , yellow box , Calmly :


I read it, I don’t understand.
And I don’t know the origin Why does it have to be worn like that?

Can you take a picture of your block? Like that, I will be easier to understand. I can apply it to my work.

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can you help me ? pls Rogerio_Rios

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