Can Anyone Tell How to Create Category and sub category

this is my category if user click any category then open question sub category how to do it

question sucategory

the spelling is germany not jermany

this is just demo avoid mistake


Do you use one spreadsheet with 2 sheets or two different spreadsheets ?


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yes i use one spreadsheet in which 2 sheets

I think You are not creating any category but you want to open sub category once main category is clicked… Correct?

So, Better you change the heading,

I will help you

yes if user click main category then open sub category how to do it

thank you friend :heart: :cupid:

better you tell me, Maximum how many questions you will add?

Note: Edit the heading to proceed further… :wink:

friend i have created main category but i have no idea how to open subcategory list

First assume that your spreadsheet is set to share as “anyone with the link”

Use web component to retrieve data

To get data from the first sheet returned you can use

To call the data in a different sheet, you need the gid number for that sheet. The gid number can be found in the url address bar when you are viewing that sheet, and you add it to the end of the url

then use the following blocks


This is what i want to add but @dora_paz gave you suggestion clearly at first… :wink:

Like this for every main category you have extract csv table. And use it.

Understand from @dora_paz post?

this is lengthy process than airatable if i change daily this id,gid etc?

Change/update the questions… Until you delete the sheet it wont affect…
Regarding usage of google sheet in app @Taifun has given plenty of explanations. You can visit his blog or especially for your query you can visit here. And you can explore it with your own idea. First time only you need to work out, next time onwards no issue. IF not you have to look for PAID Spreadsheet
extensions, which will simplify your work more than 90%. But i wont suggest you for paid work. Because app mean it have to come out from our own ideas… Then only we can feel proud of it… If no time mean look for PAID extensions, like cloudhsheet or Spreadhseet

can u tell me how to use this?

Learn how to use Google Spreadsheets by using these tutorials.

ok i m trying

thank you dora paz u help always without selfish :pray: :pray:

Suppose if this is your google sheet id,

Inbetween /d/ and /edit letters are called as spreadsheet id and after the edit?ouid= values are called as your gid

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