Can anyone tell me why google suspend my app?

I have created a tool app for PUBG. In which user can see loots, vehicles, boats, etc on a map.
My app only have 2 screens. One for splash screen and another for content.
What I have used = ( package name = com.narwal.pubg )

Reason that google send me on my email =

After contacting their policy support team =

My app = pubg.apk - Google Drive

It’s called a copyright strike. You can’t simply use the PUBG name.

P.S. Oh wait… Spam? You were showing too many ADs maybe. Or maybe GPlay just has too many similar apps.


Low number of ads
I can see apps using PUBG name ( But why did they suspend it directly? Shouldn’t they just reject it and tell me to change the name? )

Maybe, you can use "for PUBG"
But you can’T use “PUBG” name directly.
Otherwise, most people might think that the application belongs to the PUBG.


ok, but what can I do now?

You can change your app name.
And don’t forget to publish your application according to this policy: Google Play Developer Policy Center

ok, thanks bro
So should I again contact them with the new app with package name?

I do not know, but whatever you do, keep this in your mind.

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i suggest you should write this in your consideration form " Good morning sir; i have gone through the policy and knew what i had done wrong. I should have read the policies before but that’s my fault. I have created this app for helping users to play pubg as an helpful tip. I have not used any of the image of the main company; i used the name with a modification “Pubg Loot Map Guide”. The app is light and small; so if you give me a chance i can fix my issues. All i want you to consider my app; I know i have a less chance of suspension removed but no matter what thanks for your time and have a good day!" I think this may work because after getting two suspension this is how i manage to get things fixed. Don’t believe that they will reinstate your app instead your app will be set to removed and from there just leave it and i will suggest that you don’t play in grey area or make an app that have others content, or any unwanted stuff. Good Luck!

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Nice, thanks dude. I am going use this now. :+1:

Also change your package name as it contains PUBG

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so I should not use PUBG in package name?like com.narwal.guidemaps