Can anyone tell me

Can anyone tell me whether the two blocks here are the same as the combined effect?!335

When I finish learning Chinese I answer you

hahahaha==sry I mean it should be. . Otherwise, if
If the block is connected to another block, the effect is different from the one added directly in the block.

Wait I’ll ask a chinese friend!

I didn’t understand your question. Give a practical example please.

@almeidapablo He is asking whether the 2 blocks written in Chinese and English are same or not.

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I got it now.
I ask me why he is asking it.
But if the chinese language is available at kodular he just have to create these blocks in english and change the language to chinese, then compare the blocks with the screenshot.

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now this block haha

Nope its not

Its the same… but the picture on the right give you more ways to code the “else” section, like an else section into an else section.

Good luck!