Can i call admob interstitial by web url (dont want banned again)

cause i’ve got banned admob (this app more than 1.500 downloaded), i’ve searching youtube and forum all day long, all most admob ads call by button, i’m not sure the way im call admob add like this
is this safe ? i dont want to got banned again, thx very much.

Of course you will get banned again. Search the community and you will find the reason.


how about this, is it safe ?

Your account is at risk of termination as long as you show ads over content you do not own


im sorry, the url link is For example, in my app, this url of my website

What is your website url?
In pic 1, there is a different url

The website your are going to showing in your app must be yours and if it’s yours add those all required details during ads approval !

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sure. before register with google play, i’ll prove that’s my web.
this correct link in my app, so the way i call interstitial1 by web url is safe ?

This your website :thinking: :thinking: Such a nice website But why are you being so lazy go and make an app without webview that will worth more as compared to website as if website will not work then app can work and this will enhance your experience and its better to have a non webviewer app. Rest all depends upon you if you can make app then you can also make app . Thanks

@azparts And Also see this here you are showing ad on which is owned by Vietnam’s google server so do you think now all the links belongs to you ? :upside_down_face: this thing will defiantly ban your admob account

im sorry, url link IS JUST AN EXAMPLE URL.

I am Vietnamese and I am 40 years old, I have to work to raise 2 childrens, my English is very bad. all about html and kodular language, I self-taught with ~3 hours a day. this app i made by myself more than 1 year ago, i tried to learn about firebase, google sheet, but i don’t understand clearly. so i can just do the simple block such as if then else…

:sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:Your Lines made me cry

Do you use your own app?

nope, i’ll make an another apk without admob for my selft, i dont want have invalid click on admob

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finally, somebody can tell me is it safe ?

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Yes 100 % safe as this is your website

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Thanh you very much

But remove this as if internet is slow and ad is still loading but any how your website loaded and then user is going to click on website’s button but the ad loads and user by mistake clicks the ad then you know

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