Can I call keyboard key by button?

I want to make a buttons. when person click on this button it will call a keyboard key and changes text in which textbox focused.
If it will work in mekroid please help to make like this button.

And if in that textbox selected any text it buttons work like tap on keyboard key

Did you search the com? This is not a qustion, too. Describe what you want and what you already tried yourself. Thx.

Yoshi :yum:

It’s called Kodular since a long time.

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When button clicks or textbox got focus then you can use call Screen.Show Keyboard
block to get keyboard.

and when you want to hide you can called following block.


Yes but I want to make keyboard for my app. I have no idea how to make it.

Are you using web viewer?
Then you might do it with Evaluate JS from web viewer component

No i am not using web viewer. I am making text editor app . Which has short buttons like copy paste cut select all etc. But I have no idea how to make this type of buttons. Please help .

When the button is pressed simply join the text boxes’ text to the letter/symbol/number pressed