Can I create a hexadecimal converter?


I’m a student and for my recent projects, i’m using kodular for my app. I’m developing complain filtering, It’s an app that can be used in banks, colleges, schools, or anywhere else My app filters the complain and the machine learning algorithm sends automated SMS and mails to the responsible person.

Now, why do I need hexadecimal for this project?

I need a hexadecimal to decimal converter for security reason. Considering the recent cyber attack news, I expect adding a few tiny security solution in my app might help me get a few bonus marks. In my app, whenever a user registers, the password gets converted in the hexadecimal number, and then the hexadecimal number would be hashed and saved to the database. So, my question is, can I create such converter in kodular?

Can you check with this,

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Thanks for your help! I’m gonna look at it right away…:slight_smile:

Hey, i have got a question. May be I’m completely wrogn.

Here are a few points:

  • I used this hextobin converter, it works totally fine until i insert 11 character. Once I enter more then 11 characters, this tool returns wrong answer.
  • I did not find the hextodec converter in the list or the dectohex converter. In my project, I’m going to use the MAC address of the numbers, and MAC address is written in the hexadecimal number. I’m looking to develop a hexadecimal tool like this one. I just scrapped this website and got the code. This website is built with Javascript, I have got the code.

I have two questions:

  • Can I use Javascript along with kodular? If yes then the problem will be solved easily
  • If not, is there any way, i can create a hexadecimal converter?
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