Can I create my own database website and use it for Kodular to store data?

No I want to create my own website where I can store data using web


Can you send me a tutorial for this and please tell that what is it used for

Try learn :


Are there any more ideas about this

1- you need a host
2- you need to know about relational databases
3- you need to know SQL
4- you need to know some language to make dynamic websites (PHP is one)
5- you need to read this tutorial above
6- go ahead …

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If I will get any easy answer so I will market as my solution

Which kind of Data Text Format Or File

All types of data format and files.

If it is not possible then please give me a solution on only image files

This method can Load any File Format

Step 1 : Make A WebHost If Free Use 000WebHost

Step 2 : Use Cloudinary To upload Image & Generate Link

Step 3 : Save The Link In a A Row

Step 4 : Open Php My Admin

Step 5 : Add Deephost Mysql in kodular Extension

Step 6 : Add You Host Information

Step 7 : Use Set Cell To Keep Data in A Row
Get Link By the Extension Use Image Component TO get

We Can doWithout Deephost Extension By Taifun Method

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Easy answer? I made it easy for you, using PHP, database and dynamic website. But everything requires effort and study. And when we reach our goal, the satisfaction is enormous!

I had this satisfaction in everything I did and the last was when I generated a simple Extension.

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Thanks for the answer

After making cloud storage I will share the website with you all so we can use that

Cell ? In Mysql ?

Sorry I need more easy answer

This Answer Isnt Tough

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Ok a I am waiting for others to answer as if I could get a easy answer so I will mark it as solution if not then I will mark your answer as my solution :slightly_smiling_face:

I said that up there. …

i think we can use firebase in this case and we can put the same firebase’s URL and Token in your website

I don’t want to use firebase