Can I have an app over 100MB?

may i know ,if my app over 100mb build apk can appover?

Size limit for apk is 32mb


so,i just need to use app to market updata my apktool.jar ?then my app can suport 100mb?

If you put your app on Google Play the max will be 100 MB. Why not just try what @bodymindpower wrote and see what works for you.

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Also, you can use this snippet/tutorial by @Taifun

How to overcome the App Inventor project limit of 10 MB


Thank you all, yes, I will definitely try it, because it is a new learning for me, and I am not planning to publish it to google, and the 100mb++ application is i want use to my work , thank you very much, i love you, hahaha

If I fill in all the resource paths, and then do not reserve any resources in the application, and store the resources in the cloud, when the application runs for the first time, request data and save it in the phone, is this feasible? I seem to have seen someone in the community share this method, and I want to make sure

Did you read my reply above? It’s pretty much the same I think.

Maybe I read what you said. I found too much information and forgot, but I do n’t know how to request the setting.