Can I Make App Like Rozdhan In Kodular

Kodular Team!

Can I Make App Like Rozdhan In Kodular?I Know How To Make This App.I am Just Asking Does Kodular Accept These Types Of Apps?Here Is Details About My App:-

User Can Watch Sort News Videos,Whatsapp Status,Read Story & News And User Get Money For Referring My App To Friends & Watching Videos,Reading Articles,Sharing Articles,Use App More Time To Get Point.

Iam Not Adding Click Ads To Earn System In My App As i Know It,s Violates Adsence Or Any Ads Network Policy & Kodular Does Not Accept These Types Of Apps.In One Line Can I Make Rozdhan Alternative Apps In Kodular And Monetize With Admob Or Any Problem To Publish In Google Play Store?

Sorry For Bad English:)

Yes you can. But you need to know everything about Kodular creator before starting.

Ok Aditya Can You Tell Me About Important Rules Of Kodular?

What do you mean?

I thought you were going to another builder. Why did you come back so soon?


Sorry for my wrong words.But I am Not a New User Of Kodular I Am Working With Kodular Since 2017-2018 With Old Gmail Id But Now Iam Facing Lots of Bug In Kodular but in recent update all bug fixed and iam happy with kodular:)

Version mismatch Bug Still Alive Hope Team Will Fixed Soon!

Especially when you aren’t a new user we expect a different attitude from our users.


Let me fix it: “User fault”. If project version mismatches with builder version, of course this is normal to get this error. Every error doesn’t mean a “bug”. You can check it by exporting AIA and importing back again.

Hmm! You Are Right…How Much Time To Take Solve Version Mismatche Bug?

Already Followed These Steps But Not Works!

Can you send your AIA so we can learn what’s wrong?

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bolo.aia (5.4 MB)

please see where is fault

please check the aia file

make sure this is copyright free and don’t use youtube videos for whatsapp status

Yes!iam make my own videos and articles

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then, best of luck

thank you for replying

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