Can i put another Scrollable?

Hello can i put another scrollable on app because if not a click scrollable its not showing all images and text :frowning:
Photo without scrollable :

Photo with scrollable :

It’s good but in this photo with scrollable its showing and Notifer but i dont want to see anybody this notifer i want to see anybody if there click on ( About Us ) and showing this…
Can i put another Scrollable ? or another options ? how to do it pls ?

Hello @AppsKashi
You can try adjusting Height of each Arrangement.
Thanks :blush:

Sorry but I didn’t understand anything reading your post. Please clarify.

Hello Saksham_Goyal
Like this ? :stuck_out_tongue:

if i dont click on scrollable its not showing all images and text on my app !
Now you understand ?

Adjusting all the arrangements and making there Height less will help you to Fit every thing without using Scrool

There are many contents to show. That’s why it should scroll based on screen size.

You can simply split contents using another arrangement. Make particular arrangement visible when needed.

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:frowning: :confused: i dont use scroll my friends because if i use scrollable its showing this notifer :frowning: :

I want to showing this notifer if somebody click on option for example ( About Us ) and showing this notifer :frowning:

You can add a Button in the last Named MORE when this button click set previous arrangement visible to false and set next arrangements visible to true this how you can place everything on single screen without scroll.


Thnx :slight_smile: !!!

Welcome @AppsKashi :blush:

Do follow what @Saksham_Goyal said. Simply split the about us to another arrangement or use easy dialog extension . Using that extension will make that about us portion invisible on screen initialize and will show as per your block.


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