Can i put both?

Hello how are u people ,
Can i put both navigation bottom and title bar?
For example title bar to showing menu / label / search and navigation bottom

Well it’s your choice. I don’t think there will be any problem

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But idk how to put them both because i put first title bar and its good wen i put bottom navigation its showing below title bar but i want bottom navigation in below in end…

@Official what have you tried show us let me check and I will help you to do this :+1:

Add a vertical arrangement with height and width set to fill and place your navigation bar below the arrangement.


Why won’t you try what @user126465465364 suggested ?

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Im creating livescore like its flashscore and idk if i get problem if i try with this ?

You have to try it and see

Yes Just Add a vertical or horizontal arrangement between the title and bottom navigation as per your need and set it’s height and width to fill parents

Why its showint very bad ? and can i put design responsive to all smartphone ? or its not possible ?

Try this. Do not set Screen to scrollable, Use a vertical scroll arrangement instead of vertical.


I use scrollable bcs im creating livescore and i think scrollable its going to be the best i am right or i am wrong ?

You can show your score in vertical scroll arrangement

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and can i put design responsive to all smartphone ?

To make the design more responsive use the percentage (%) instead of the pixels for the parameters: height and width.

Why its showint very bad ?

Set the height and width of the space components (the one before and after the “LiveSport” label) to “fill” and add another one after the search icon by entering the same height and width as the first space component (the one before menu icon).

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Let me try can you share your screen ais file