Can I release in-app-update in the experiment

Not sure in-app-update component in the “experiment” is for development only, or may I included it in the apk to be release in PlayStore?

Any advise?

Yes it is currently present in experimental category but you can use it. It will work properly.

To use this component, you have set your app minimum api to 21.

Your app must be published on play store to work this component properly.

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To use this we need change api level??

Thanks. It’s done. I hope that I don’t have to test it. Unless you have a way to test it. I read through the discussion about testing it. Not too clear. Since the implementation is so simple. I am thinking of testing it in live deployment. :slight_smile:

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Start the first app release in beta/alpha.

Thank you @Mateja.

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Ok, the app is waiting for Google approval in the playstore. I have one question:

In order for this in-app-update to work, does it just look for the newest version by upload date, or by version number. If it is dependent on version number, is it the one in the Play Console, or the one in Screen1 component field?

Thank you as always.

No matter whats your update version or update name or update date, when you update a new version of your app, automatically users will get app update dialog.


Great. Thank you, @The_K_Studio

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