Can i use phone volume up-down button in Kodular?

Can i use phone volume up-down button in makeroid? Thanks in advance for any help.

Do you mean events when you use a volume button?

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Yes, If it’s possible, it will be very helpful to my app for remote control.

I would like to have this option too for my ESP Radio app :joy:

Let me see what I can do (I can’t promise anything)

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I have tried this in the past but then the result was only that the buttons was override and we had no control about the buttons.

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For me it would be important to use the Volume + and Volume buttons -, as if they were buttons, either to do a long Text Scroll or to raise and lower the latency or value of some string / number / Switch / Booleans.

An example is the readers of Books, they suggest using the buttons and they are deactivated when leaving the reading. It would be like alternating between the volume of notifications and the speaker volume …

For my app, I want an event to happen when the volume up and down keys and the sleep mode button are pressed.

Still no solution?

In short, I want this please tell me you have an extension for this

Try this (blocks from AI2, but it’s almost the same in Kodular):


@bodymindpower , Thank you it works

How to prevent it from going to sleep when clicked


as @bodymindpower said use clock and taifun settings together

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I think disabling the power button (programmatically) is not supported on Android.

Can we control power button of mobile ? I mean to say can we switch off and on mobile with a button in the app ?