Can installing app get faster?

My app apk size is just 4-5 mb but it takes time to install app on mobile. I have seen apps of these sizes install really quick. but my app installs like a 20 mb app. Is this problem of my mobile or something else? lets discuss…

If I may ask, what do you have for a mobile phone?

Asus zenfone max 2gb ram well recently i was facing lags in mobile may be thats why but still it should not take that much time…

I think maybe it is the mobile phone’s problem.I just need 5-6s to instead a app that have 15mb by makeroid.

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Yes, I agreed to @jayguo . Because the hardware is not the best.

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Installing app depends on the Mobile you are using. so the better mobile you have the better speed you will get. :heart_eyes:

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