Can Kodular handle BLOB returned from JSON?

I’m asking this question because the app creator hasn’t been running for a few hours.
Meanwhile I came across the problem of returning the Blob field within JSON.
I managed to solve it. I already have the BLOB field return via JSON.
I have the JSON return of 3 fields via php script.
While the IDE don’t come back for me to test, I ask:
Will Kodular components that use an image work with this blob return ?

my guess is you have to convert it into an image first

Should I convert within KODULAR? Or Is there a block that does this conversion? I used a php function to return JSON. I was not returning anything. There are 3 fields and only 1 BLOB.
So, because the site still doesn’t work here, I couldn’t test anything.
24 hours without access.

see this answer

and this


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I think it should be converted to image first, with php.

Directly in Kodular what you can do is put the blob in a web_viewer with some html tags.

I just tried it and it works. But I don’t know if it will be useful to you…

But I don’t think there’s much more you can do in Kodular. The image component only supports images in assets or a valid url

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I will try to read, study and test the suggestions. Before I have to get my computer to open the page so I can try to test the suggestions.
At this point, I include the images in PHPADMIM itself. I make Kodular use the PHP script, and return JSON. This JSON, which I need to manipulate so that the BLOB field is shown in some KODULAR component.

Try using the creator with this url:

Sometimes with the it didn’t work for me

(If you use Chrome, delete the navigation data)

I tried … It didn’t work. I also cleaned the chrome history.I installed firefox.