Can multple label shadows crash an app?

I have a single-screen app with around 50 labels, and I want to create a shadow effect for (almost) all of them. As the only way to create this effect is in the BLOCKS tab, I’m afraid that if I create this effect when Screen initializes for all Labels, some devices will crash because of many tasks running at the same time. Should I be worried about this?

Why don’t you just test it? I don’t think it will be a problem, because the shadow blocks doesn’t use much CPU resources. There are components that need more CPU power for a single block then all of your labels together.

So I think it will work even on old phones


Ok, let’s try

It took 5.5 seconds to load. I’ll keep this. Thanks.


you might want to use the advanced blocks and a for each in list loop…
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For example? Just curious.


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