Can my app be accepted by the Play Store?


I’ve created an app with sound effects but I don’t know if they are copyrighted.

I know that if I upload copyrighted sounds to the play store they are not going to accept it.
Is there any way I can know if the audios are copyrighted?

And I found this: You have written documentation proving that you have permission to use a 3rd party’s intellectual property in your app or store listing. from here: Provide advance notice to the Google Play App Review team - Play Console Help
But how do get the written information?

Thanks to anyone who would like to help.

You can assume that if there are known sounds that are not explicitly from copyright free sites, that they have a copyright.

And if your app is published, which I don’t think it will be, there may still be legal action later.

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Where did you get the sound effects from?

It was from a website (which I don’t remember the name)