Can my kodular account get suspended?😟

Some days ( 2-3months) ago i had made an app that was not good (it was breaking law):sweat_smile: but got approved and when i uploaded it to community my community account got suspended :sweat_smile:
Now problem that i dont use that app
But i Seen a rule that my app can be re-reviewed any time ,f it is found breaking rules then my kodular creator account will be suspended
what should i do?:sweat_smile::worried:
As​:slightly_frowning_face: i dont have uploaded app anywhere
And i dont use and share that app

in my suggestion, forget that app, and continue your Journey from here as well its going, sometimes looking into past can create many difficulties for future also, so leave that behind and forget that app or account.

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But if account get suspended that every app will get deleted​:roll_eyes:
But after warning i had stopped working on app​:sweat_smile:


so delete that app , simple,

But there are so many things in that app which i can use later in other apps
That app was first app made by me with many features before that i used to make small app
:dizzy_face: Can i unapprove app​:sweat_smile:

remove dangerous things, and keep that,

But app is dangerous :joy:
Features are not…
I think i should wait for other reply also
I can take desicion Fastly

Feature makes app dangerous or useful, well lets see other Replies. and best of luck

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It looks like you’ve already made up your mind. Why ask the community for suggestions if you know what you’re going to do?

If your project contains monetisation components, then there’s a chance it’ll be blacklisted in the next random review. I suggest you download the aia and remove it from Kodular.


Ok tq​:blush:
BTW it is that movie app that you suggested me not to share as it was violating guidelines :joy:

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