Can not Stop task :(

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How exactly is that behaving? And what is the behaviour you expected?

Also please note that you are using an outdated version of the extension.

Thanks for you replaying, I expect only to one sms to be sent at a schedule time and day (which work), and then end the tasks (which doesnt work)

So, do you expect a SMS to be set at a particular time of the day using the SMS component?

Anyway is the SMS sent first of all?

The tasks extension never ends a service or decides by itself because it maybe waiting for things like events.

Yes, the sms is sent when scheduled, and then, the app keeps sending sms after a few second (not with regularity).

I want the app to stop after one sms is sent

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This should be little easy to do it, before I help you, can you show me your full blocks so that I can know more?

i’m sure it is but I can not see it…

Here you have the blocks, hope it’s clear for you

those blocks looks different of mine not sure why

Oh okay, so its an extension from Atom Developer, you should maybe use this one:

this extension is actually from Atom Developer

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Oh, nice!

Thanks I will try with that one :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help!!!

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