Can only get 1 camera to work

Sorry for starting another thread, but this program wouldn’t let me add to my last request until someone else had replied. However the last thing I said was Thank You, so the likelihood of someone else commenting was unlikely. Silly program. lol

I am was excited! I got the camera to initialize using ‘Surface View’, but only the selfie camera. I can’t get the ‘take a picture of something other than yourself’ camera to work. I think that’s called the backend camera, but it always seems the opposite to me.

When I set ‘use back camera’ to off the selfie camera works great, but the point is to look at what is in front of you. When I switch to use back camera I receive a camera error - Camera Failed.

I only have 2 blocks:
when ‘screen1’ . Initialized
do > call Surface_View1 . Start Preview.

I figure if just 2 blocks works to make the selfie camera work, shouldn’t the same 2 work for the back camera?

Any hints?
Thanks guys!

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it should work…

EDIT: Well, I just checked it and it is working fine.
You must stop preview before switching cameras otherwise it will show error.
You can check AIA and APK. :arrow_heading_down:

TestBySmaug.aia (2.4 KB)
TestBySmaug.apk (4.1 MB)