Can our apps get more space of RAM?

Hello Developers!
Am not sure about this info, but I think that apps created by Kodular gets <= 8MB of RAM power
Is there any possibilities so apps can get permission to more RAM so it can work faster, smoother and run more complex missions!

I hope am not wrong, and if possible I’ll be happy to read your comments!

Thanks! Happy developing!

No, you are wrong.
Kodular app not just use 8MB RAM, If your app is bigger, it will get more ram auto. Just like my app, it often get more than 200MB RAM when I use it.

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As you can see even with 8 MB RAM, most apps working great, and I think it is enough. More RAM not means more performance. Because for example: If your app is working with 8 MB RAM, so having 1 GB RAM won’t change anything.

– Not sure, verify needed –
Also as far I know, there is no RAM usage limit, I think this 8 MB RAM thing is only for one action. If one of tasks in your app requires more than 8 MB RAM, then your app will be laggy and it will throw “Stack size” exception.


if you load a image in the screen that will use more as 8 mb pof your ram.

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