Can`t setup back button for Web_Viewer2

Show me the whole link

I dont understand why its showing white screen instead of closing?

You didn’t look closely at my image, your text string should contain / at the end

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Yeah,Finally solved!! Thank you so much ! :smiley:

Would you please check it again?How do I add the 3rd one?I tried this way…web1 and 2 working perfectly, but back press at web 3 shows white screen again.7

What is the start url for the 3rd one

Btw, may I ask why are you using multiple Web Viewers, all this can be done in one

I want that all pages assigned for menu item will be loaded together during initializing screen,so when user click on an option he does not have to wait for loading.Is there any easiest way instead of using multiple web viewer?

Not that I know of

Never got an answer to this