Can the linux commands be executed via the application?

Can the linux commands be executed via the application?

Yes, find “Shell” component and use its “Execute” method.


example sudo apt-get install ?

You can’t install packages with this.

Is there a method we can provide the terminal property ?

Not a command in Android Linux.

This package is not found on the Linux system on Android

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You get full access to the Android system terminal. It just isn’t a full Linux system by nature.

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For example, how do I upload a github package file
Example youtube- dl . I need some help with running phyton or linux commands with Android
Because necessary youtube-dl run.

Android does not have a Linux package manager. What you’re trying to do, can not be done, sadly.

Youtube is a trouble

I dont know why you believe that you can work with Kodular like on a Linux Server.
There is no way to do this. <You cannot load packages from Github or any other Services.
IF we could do that what you want, i believe we have not 1 million use, than we could have 100 million user.
A android app is not a complete Linux Destribution.
It would be nice if we can do this but this is a feature what we will never see.

Youtube videos can be downloaded with php or in different ways.
but I’m looking for a method on android

Maybe you can try to use an API?

The download address needs to be retrieved from the stream. Because the youtube protected videos do not go down.ffmpeg method should do something similar.