Can we check internet speed ? Is there any way

If anyone is willing to make an extension then this can be helpful:

May be you can do that :grin:

I have seen this website but its paid

The this one

I am seeing it

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I dont know how to convert it into blocks :worried:

Or You can try with Web component…
Using any website…

You will have to deploy/host that on your server.

I don’t know much about that :sweat_smile:
I just googled what @Xoma want.

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Can you make an extension @vknow360 please

Yes I can.
But there are other extension devs and newbies who could be interested in this.
So lets see if anyone starts his/her extension development from this or anyone else comes up with the extension :slightly_smiling_face:

Please friend I am preparing for MIT hackathon, please can you make it??

Did you try the tip i gave you about using a linux command?

If you are entering the MIT hackathon why not make it yourself. If you are letting others do the work for you it seems like cheating.

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Yes i did. Command - ```
awk ‘/em1/ {i++; rx[i]=$2; tx[i]=$10}; END{print rx[2]-rx[1] " " tx[2]-tx[1]}’
<(cat /proc/net/dev; sleep 1; cat /proc/net/dev)

but the output was nothing

Can we use extension for the hackathon??

I don’t think that it is allowed. You still don’t know the theme of the hackathon so you should wait until announced.


I can’t check the speed, can anyone give me an idea?