Can we command app from website

I want to create a app in which some function start when I command them from my website like if I click a button from my website(just an example) then the app changes its background colour or etc…
Is this possible???
And if yes how means some hints???

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But I want to command from my website which is hosted somewhere in world, please elaborate how firebase can help???

Lookup firebase. Get your website to make the change to firebase, and on your app you have, Value.Changed block for firebase

It is a realtime database and it integrated with Kodular very clean


Ok that make sense thanks I will work upon that…thanks

Click the Solved block if this solved the issue so others know there is a solution please

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Already did

Sorry Few people are aware of the importance of that. I have gotten very good at firebase, so please let me know if you need help

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Thanks for that gesture bro , if I need help i will ask you


You don’t have to use firebase if you already have a website. Create a tinywebdb and take the values from there when the user open the app first time on the day, or at each xx seconds or whatever.

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