Can We Create Grid View Design With Dynamic Components

use this blocks


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can you please send me the aia

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NEEEW_b.ais (554.5 KB) This .ais not .aia

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Not currently but coming to you :slight_smile:


It’s still doable

DynamicGridView.apk (7.2 MB)

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How about you place, let’s say 8 image components inside a scrollable arrangement and load the images in pages in the same 8 image components? And two buttons at the bottom for previous and next page.

Ofcourse. Any functionality can be coded. Components just make it less complex and easier

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Thank You For The Ais It Helped Me Alot

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I can’t get it any easier than this


Okay, Okay, you are welcome

It Works, Thank You

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yea i like that so much :heart_eyes:

BTW is there any guide for grid view block:sweat_smile:?

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The version you have has some bug with gridview. If you will add multiple images you will face OOM(Out of Memory) exeption.

its simple blocks :wink:

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got error while importing.
is there any extension?

without extensions

got error
you dont use extension even in screen?
its syaing ‘makeroidsnackimport’

my project is now invalid:sweat_smile: i cant remove screen

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