Can we filter airtable data

I want to show data from backward like if we have 4 rows I want to show data from 4to 1 rows

You can try the List Utils extension by AppyBuilder

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How can u show blocks

Have you explored that link? The blocks shown there are self explanatory!

Which link
Remember I want to filter data newly added should show first

The link which I posted in my first reply.

you may just filter your airtable row from bottom to up, just simple :grinning:

I need more help

Where I can place in this blocks

Please don’t create duplicate topics.


I am not talking about here, go to airtable website and there you can filter column data from bottom to upside

What is use of 10 and 1

Try this

Make a 2 view at Airtable one is for original data and the other one is for sorted.

Try short original data on 2.copy.Check Airtable formule support or other thinks.

Problem solved by using list utils extension

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hi how can i sort data by time of added data.

If your problem is solved by yourself than try to show solution like blocks image. So that we can know.


Hi, can you tell me/show blocks, of how do you solve it? thank you so much

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