Can we get terminal component?

@Diego can we get terminal component that we can run commands with this method that can be set in arrangement ?
I found an extention I didn’t get it that much useful as I want to run scripts like .c or .py

You already have the Shell component in Experimental category

However, despite Android is based on Linux, you can’t install packages such us python to execute it
So I don’t think we will implement it

Plus, implementing it can be a security issue, as executing scripts can bring vulnerabilities

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But I found an application called termux, we can install any package like python in it

Let me check that app :thinking:

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If it is a real terminal (and it doesn’t create a “fake” closed enviroment), then you should be able to execute from the Shell component apt install python or pkg install python, and then execute python commands from it
But Android doesn’t have a package manager, that’s something that weirds me a bit about that app


Ok… Thanks for reply :relaxed:

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