Can we make 3D games in koduar?

Can we make 3D games like battlefield 5 in kodular

That’s a bit of a stretch.

You can make your own 3D rendering code for the Canvas, although provided how complicated a 3D physics engine would be, Blockly really doesn’t offer the performance needed to make complex 3D projects in Kodular. Something like Unity or UE4 would offer you tools and performance more suited to complex games.

TL;DR: It’s technically possible, but it’s easier to use Unity or UE4 as they are dedicated game engines. Also, performance on any AI2 app compared to those engines would be abysmal.


Imagine making a ray-tracing engine using our Canvas component :scream:
I’d love to see someone try, though


Drawing app which has shadows for lines and lighting. :sweat_smile:

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The real problem is 3D transformations and texture resizing. Well actually ray tracing in 3D is a lot harder than ray tracing in 2D. :joy:


It’s possible to do it with the canvas.
After all, all 3D engines are just ram guzzlers which map a virtual 3D environment on to a 2D screen.

It’s possible to ‘simulate’ it using some creative math


*cough* tons of algebra *cough*