Can we Put 2 Extra Button in Colinlistview?

Hello Coders,

I have a Doubt about how can we put 2 Extra Buttons in Colinlistview.

I want to Add 2 Button Extra buttons inColinlistview how can I add them??

You can only use what is provided in the extension.

If you want to build your own listview, you can do this with dynamic components.

But In dynamic components how it will be possible that we can show 2 icons row:


I want to show 2 icons here but here only 1 icon is showing

blocks (7)

Please help anybody

Guides with provided aia are made for studying. See the blocks and try to understand the changes you need to make . For example I prefer instead of buttons to use clickable labels and setting Font Typeface to material icons


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Have you taken 2 labels or 1 labels??

Two labels created dynamically

How is it possible that it will show in 2 icons in the same line because we have to select the position for that??

You assign different ids when creating them and when any label click you detect the id and if is …then do else if … do Also note that you are not using latest dynamic components extension in your test aia

Here I am giving some space between 2 icons but it will not be showing any space

Please tell me where I am doing mistakes

Space is not seeing between 2 icons

Space should be created in Horizontal Arrangement, see the id you use to create it. You can not put a space within a label

No, I don’t want to give space in the label I just only want to do is that I have to show space between these 2 icons and when I create space horizontal arrangement then the space will automatically be added to the after image and before title

But It will not showing space between 2 icons or label??

Property of a space view is Height and Width not SpaceView. Set property for component id (give appropriate id for space) name Width value …

Hello S i r If My Issue Has Any Solution S i r

Yes just give me some time

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