Can we send data to IP addresses directly without database

Is it possible to eliminate database in between?
This will be helpful for realtime communication.
It decreases latency.
Server costs will be reduced.
So we can give IP address or ID as input and data goes to the targeted address instead of database.
Direct communication without a server.

Friend , Is a little confused… :coffee:
The data ? What data? Where do you go from one user to another? Databases are for permanent storage.

Either text or file

I am talking about realtime communication.
A realtime chat app
A Walkie Talkie App

Before making the communication between the 2 users, did you set up the routines of each user’s app?

You might be interested in WebSockets.

What are routines?

How to make a serverless communication without server/database with WebSockets
(In Kodular)

Yes. But and the user identifications ?
Wouldn’t it be necessary for the app?

What do you mean? I mean why you don’t want a database?

Can’t we send data (text/file) directly to a receiver without a server/database?
For example:
In normal case, We need to send data to Firebase and receiver fetches data from Firebase.
Can’t we send data directly to the receiver without Firebase?

“With this API, you can send messages to a server and receive event-driven responses without having to poll the server for a reply”

Which API and How?
Is it possible with FTP component?

Friend ,API in link above

I doubt that’s possible unless the devices that are exchanging data between each other are somehow connected. You’ll need some sort of a middleware when transferring data between any two entities. You can either write your own WebSocket client that serves this purpose or use the ones provided by some third party.

Can we host data from our device?
I am talking about peer to peer connection.

Server is needed for any connections also peer to peer for hand shaking.

Term serverless is not mean without server.
You need intermediate man a server and database to know which user wants to connect whom and also for rooms


I can handle that with a database (Firebase)
But I want to send data directly after knowing about the receiver.

It’s not possible to send directly any data.
You can do is create a file for two users in server and give access to this two users for read and write. One user changes data then second one need to read that data and vice versa.


Is it not possible at all?
Or is it for Kodular?