Can we use kodular to build an app that can detect an incoming call?

I don’t think this al2alive extension will run our app in background because I already ask this question in that post if you swipe down you will find my same question and answer is no

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I made the app, it works successfully in the background.


how you did can you explain did you buy the extension


Just follow what’s written. It’s easy. You have to download two extensions and that’s it.

provide apk file to check your words


Yes provide an APK to proof that you runned


Yes, we need proof


The main topic is not being addressed here. Please everyone limit your answers to reply the original post’s question: Can incoming call be detected in Kodular? If you have any other questions, please start another topic or do it by pm.


hey @Odins_son pls share aia so that others will also learn


RunAppInBg (3).apk (6.0 MB)

Even a toddler can build an app, as simple as this :joy::joy::joy:

You don’t need an APK from me to “check my words”, you could do it by yourself to “check my words” :joy:

I had to go out of my way to build this to “prove my words”.

it is not background work. you just minimized the application. no extension is needed for this.try closing the application. music won’t play

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Activate the switch and check your notification. The music will play forever.

No, if you clear the app from the RAM, the music will stop. That’s not what I meant by “run in background”. Check the label, I’ve clearly written the app should NOT be cleared from the RAM (recent)

This extension will prevent your app from falling into doze mode. Without this extension, your app will stop playing the music after 6 minutes, even if it is minimised.

You cannot play the music more than 10 minutes without using this extension.

Check this.

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then you dont know the meaning of background, background means that app will work even when closed, minimized and open


Apparently you’re an extension developer, and you don’t know what it means for an app to run in background.

Read the article.

“On most, if not all, smart phones available you can have multiple apps running at once. When you have an app running, but it’s not the focus on the screen it is considered to be running in the background.”

Closing the app has nothing to do with running in the background, to be able to run in background, it simply means your app is able to bypass the doze mode on its own.

This not the place to tell this. You could PM him the same. :grin:

Conflicting arguments, but I never said, my app can run in background even when closed from the RAM. It would be bit silly of me if I did claim it


This is Extension is forceground to play music not background service these are different words.