Can you help me? (Solved)

Please I need your hepl!

I can’t build my apk, it’s only happen me with one of them, with others projects I haven´t problems, this project’s size is 30.3 mb, but before of this, the size was higher and I don’t had any problem

What error do you get? Is it about exceeding the size limit? And if so how did this not occur previously when it was even larger?

My problem is that I can’t build my apk, I have been working in this project a long time (I have another lower projects too), I have been making some modifications recentily and I have reduced the size of the project but, now when I want to build it, the process show me the baking window but, when it’s done, nothing happen, I tasted with my others projects and works well. Only in this doesn’t work, the website doesn’t show me any error or warning
that’s my problem

I have experienced this as well, wait for a while +60s without doing anything



Could you solve the problem?

Your answer is in the quiestion

So it is a large app. Be patient, sometimes it takes more time to compile. :wink:

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Thnk u but, I’ve been waiting a lot of time (+15min) and doesn’t happen nothing…
By the way, yesterday I saw that browser put a warning “Unsafe connection” (beside https…) But, I don’t know if that is related with my problem

Hey guys thank u so much for the support!!

I have finally solved my problem, I deleted some assets in my project and works again!

Mark it as the solution please. Were the files you deleted large in size?

Yes, I deleted some large size pictures, even without make modifications in the project finally it worked.

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