Can you help me?

Hello there. I’m a new member to kodular. I’m trying to learn. Can you help me? How do I navigate to any location when I press the button?

Welcome @bahattinclk

Please read this topic and then give more info.

Hi @bahattinclk!

To start your AI2 adventure, you can just try to explore the blocks! You can find some tutorials on the web and YouTube. The good thing is if you know well English, you can just hover of the blocks and use them by just reading the block descriptions and names!

Also, you can refer to this website which includes good resources about learning the App Inventor: App Inventor: How to Learn | Pura Vida Apps
by Taifun (Pura Vida Apps)


When I started AI2/Thunkable, I already had a basic English knowledge. Howewer, those points between block names (and category
colours, tried to take Screen1.Properties out from General/Handling section) made me confused. Though
likee When Button1.Click
Why do we need these points? Just ignore them. When Button1 Click. I hope it is more understandable in this way.

Basic tutorial
For blocks wich does not contain a component’s name, search them in Built-in category. Else, search among the component’s blocks.

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