Cannot publish because of error

Hi All,

Finally I’m ready to publish but I get this error.

Please can anyone tell me

A. What it means
B. What in the app might be causing this error.

After two years of hard work I’m despirate to get this resolved.



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Does a thumbs up mean…

A. It’s a common fault

B. That you approve of the post

C. Have had the same problem yourself

Please let me know.

Does you get any error at the time of uploading apk in release page ??
Click on edit release and see

Thanks. I think I dealt with the error by doing a new release. But I’m surprised (not) that on a platform “dedicated” to developing apps which eventually end up on Google Play the “help” has been little to non existant. Perhaps the moderators might want to address this (maybe not)…

Everyone on this forum is here voluntarily. If you want professional help you should offer to pay for it. Moderators can’t force people to help you, no one here is your slave.

Yes. I do realize that and what you say is true, of course. But a little help would have been nice. But I’m done. So thank you.

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